Thursday, September 27, 2007

things to see and do in sydney

- pass by Taylor Square on Oxford St.. There is usually at least one person asleep. True story. If you pass by early enough there will probably be people still lined up to get into clubs. I'm never up that early though...
- count couples in Hyde Park.
- in October or November walk around Darling Harbour and over the bridge, with an eye out for school formals. Then drink a cocktail and ride the monorail all the way around.
- sit on the Opera House forecourt and discuss life with a couple of good friends.
- watch sunrise over the beach. Best time for this is New Years. I recommend Maroubra.
- travel into the city over the Anzac Bridge on a Friday or Saturday night. Travel times may vary, so I recommend taking some good music with you.
- have dinner in Newtown and then browse second-hand bookshops. Follow with drinks at, say Zanzibar. Then dance around the square next door.
- fall asleep in the Botanical Gardens, then wake up and explore, pretending that you've just been transported to another world.
- walk up from China Town to the QVB without walking along George St, and check out the shops you find along the way.
- eat 'brunch' at 1pm on a Saturday in a cafe on Glebe Point Road and watch people go by. Good accessories to this activity are a friend and/or a book.
- go to Glebe markets. 'nuff said.
- take the train across the harbour bridge, and back again, just for the view.
- walk around Callan park in a leisurely manner. Ok, you can do the Bay Run if you want to. Check out the old mental asylum (now the SCA) while you're there, spooky but interesting.
- watch storms gathering from the cliffs near Coogee on a summer afternoon, stay for the first fat drops of rain, then run screaming for the car.

that's enough for today, but there's plenty more to be done...

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  1. Yay! I've done at least one of those things :P