Monday, September 24, 2007

another revue reviewed

On Friday night, regardless of thesis, I actually organised to go and see the arts revue with a bunch of arts student friends of mine. Yes, arts is the best faculty, why do you ask?
We met at Newtown and had Thai, then made it to the theatre just on time after some almost-power-walking down King St. I realise that I may have wronged the science revue, I did enjoy it and found much of it very funny. That said, the Arts Revue was immensely superior. Not just because I'm biased. Sure, the data projector didn't work, and so who knows what we missed out on? But the Arts Revue was run by Arts students after all, and therefore technology malfunctions are only to be expected. But the acting was superior I think, it just had a more polished feel to it, which made the humour more evident more easily. I'm going to steal some of Caitlyn's comments on this, as they were particularly apt, plus she has inside knowledge as someone involved with the science revue. There was less of a reliance on punch-lines as the situations and the characters were well drawn and so implicitly funny in themselves. It was not a perfect revue, there were the aforementioned technical problems, and some of the skits did fall a little flat. I felt it started to lag toward the end, but then Spencer said he felt the second half was superior to the first. Reactions were somewhat mixed, but I think the general consensus was that it was a good night's entertainment. And this is my blog, so I can promulgate my opinion freely, and I say that I enjoyed it greatly. To return to Caitlyn, she remarked that the Arts Revue was more cliquey than the Science. An interesting point. It probably led to the more polished feel of the Arts acting, but also to the exclusion of many who would have liked to be involved. I didn't want to be involved, I hate acting, so this did not effect me and I heartily enjoyed it, as I think I have said before. Thumbs up from me.

At the conclusion of the revue we were joined by Andrew, and Winnie, Charlie and Shanaka left us (not because of Andrew, but because we were all indecisive as to what to do next). We ended up outside Ice and Slice, where we heard that Mike Whitney (of 'Who Dares Wins' and 'Sydney Weekender' fame (apparently he was also a cricketer. Who knew?)) was singing with a cover band in the Marlborough. Word on the street you know. Well, such an assertion had to be investigated, so we trooped over to the Marly and confirmed that, yes, indeed he was. I have photos if you don't believe me. They played soft rock, a bit of Maroon 5, then 'Semi-charmed Life', some 'Hey Jealousy' and other such classics. This was also the site of the official Arts Revue after-party, so we went and checked that out for about, ooh, two minutes. Ran into someone we knew, chatted (over loud dance music) then retreated back to Mike Whitney, covers, and the couple shouting the 'Sydney Weekender' theme music over and over. Random fun. Spencer then left us, and Bec, Sam, Andrew and I repaired to a gelato shop for some much needed gelato before making our separate ways home.
A very pleasant start to the weekend.

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