Thursday, February 23, 2006

features! [edit]

Look, I made a feature spot! I don't think it will always be a feature artist, I was just really liking the photos. Do check them out. Here's a sample for you. Or would be if the photo thingy wasn't so slow. Oh well, look them up anyhow. Here it is! I got it! This photo is by hotburrito2, who was my feature artist.

Other than that... I saw Brokeback Mountain today. It was real sad. Warning, there may be minor spoilers in the next paragraph, I don't know what I want to say yet.
There was so much sadness in the movie, it left me with a feeling of melancholy. Which was not that bad, but I find it never pays to let these feelings linger. Anyway, I just came out of it thinking that I (and everybody else) am doomed. Because of love. As Vivian pointed out, love is pain, and so the songwriters and movie makers tell us as well. In the moments of happiness it caused me a pang of loneliness, in the moments of sadness I reflected that love always seems to bring pain with it. There was deception and neglect and all those other things that people do to each other, even without malice. It just seemed to me that whichever way you look at it, we are all doomed to be miserable. There just seemed to be no hope in relationships at all. This was an effect of the film, I'm sure that it will fade, it was just so sad...
Beautifully made though. Reminded me of the little I've read of Annie Proulx before, with a wonderful sense of place, down to earth and very human characters and very damaged lives. Similar in a way to Tim Winton, but done in a different way. A different style but a similar approach, and different countries. I think I want to read the short story now. Anyway very interesting film, beautifully shot and pervasively melancholy. It did make me a little moody though... Hey, what better way to spend the last of your teenage days than moody though? Maybe I should go off and write bad poetry...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

new web-comic

That's right! My addiction is not getting any better... But go check out scary go round! It's been around since 2003, and I'm only up to September 2004. In some ways similar to Go Girly, but mostly not. They adventure! Yeah! Plus Shelley is kinda me. She's a "oveable, slightly annoying ingenue. Likes things that are fun... accident prone". And she's red-haired! Yeah! Check my sidebar for the link.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last night Ang and I were watching a Studio Ghibli movie set in WWII Japan, in which the ghosts of two children looked back at their lives. Very sad, and a little spooky. About half-way through, all the lights went out, the t.v.turned off and generally there was a blackout. Looking out the window, you could see that almost the whole suburb was dark. There were a few lights away off on the other side of the city-west link on the left, but apart from that there were none to be seen anywhere, apart from a glow in the sky from the city lights.
We lit candles, and I thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk to see the suburb without lights and how far the blackout had gone. I walked out the front door holding a candle, into the windy night, and held it up in the wind to blow it out. But it kept burning, because of the structure of the candle, and it looked eerie- a glowing candle in the monochromatic street.
So Ang and I walked around the block, but hurried back because of the whining noise of the telephone lines and the wild thrashing of the trees. The electricity still wasn't on when we got back, I think it got reconnected at around 4am.
But that was a spooky evening...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

To Start With, Quotes

From my little black book.

Sign outside Branxton:
"Drive carefully, we have two cemetaries, no hospital"

Tombstone, Tilba cemetary:
"Whiffo gone fishing
A free spirited man who is forever in our hearts"

"Heinz tomato ketchup makes food taste KETCHUPPY" - tomato sauce bottle

"I was just wondering how I ever could have laughed at you"
"I hope you'll always laugh at me"
The Day Will Dawn, cheesy movie from 1942

"Each man kills the thing he loves"
The Ballad of Reading Gaol, Oscar Wilde

Ad outside Japanese restaurant in Sydney city
"Sexy chicken on rice"

"I don't own a house or a car, all I have is a borrowed tv, but that's what you get when you take off and travel."
Random bus stop conversation

“She had a voice with hormones”

‘A Woman’s Secret’, 1949 movie

“Oolong Imperial: A work of tea art”

Tea rooms in the city

“The burdens and the joys of being chosen to be more than a fluttering heartbeat on an ultrasound screen”
Vivian’s blog. I really liked this line Viv!

“I have the strength to face all conditions by the power Christ gives me”
Phillipians 4:13

“Wear your make-up like a weapon”
“Bit by bit, the city devours us”
Newtown graffiti

“Ideas about the treatment of the insane and the education of the young have many similarities”
‘Madness and Morals’, Skultans

“Far off th’Empyreal Heav’n, extended wide,
In circuit, undetermined square or round,
With Opal Tow’rs and Battlements adorn’d
Of living sapphire, once his native seat,
And fast by hanging in a golden chain
This pendant world, in bigness as a star”
Paradise Lost’, John Milton

“…and then be out of it, and fall in love with someone else. I didn’t believe in that, but now I do”

“Nature never set forth the earth in such diverse tapestries as poetry has done”
Sir Philip Sidney

“It is only lazy carnivores that will persist”- from an Archaeology seminar

“Tyranny Oppression
Anger is a gift, use it to fight these”
Desk graffiti

The Artistic Annex of Finland, a group of arty types from uni, published a little magazine and gave it away for free. Pretty pretentious stuff, but I liked this:
“-Play the cello in the dark
-watch the rooftops weep for the sun
-dance to the accompaniment of the night
-stay up forever
-then sleep”

“How different would our perception of reality be if, instead, we discarded the mundane events that cannot co-exist with our dreams?”
‘Shaman’s Crossing’, Robin Hobbs

“This is the first time you’ve ever felt anything”
Psychologist to patient, as related in a Psych lecture. It sounds sad…

“If I was a girl who like cute guys then I’d… but they really don’t…”- overheard

A Current Affair Billboard:
“Terrorism: are we prepared enough?” which becomes, with graffiti “Terrorism: are we paranoid enough?”

“The price of wisdom is beyond rubies, the topaz of Cush cannot compare with it; it cannot be bought with pure gold” Job 28: 18-19

“Why do I feel so much pain
For you it was all a stupid game
Now I am lost and need a light
I won’t give up, not without a fight”
More desk graffiti, could you tell from the quality? ;p It’s wrong to laugh at someone else’s angst though…

“Another of my relatives used to take off his trousers in the street to give them to the poor, and a photograph of him in his undershorts, though properly attired in hat, jacket, and tie, appeared more than once in newspapers”
‘My Invented Country’, Isabel Allende. Maybe this is the explanation behind that guy I saw?

“Inverell Pioneer Village-… A beautiful recreated village with all local buildings holding district treasurers” hehehe, gives me a strange mental image J
Inverell Tourist board

“I is for Iceland.
There’s an island
The ocean’s so
Time is frozen”
Deviant art, sporadictouchofennui