Thursday, April 03, 2008

i'm getting married in the morning

I feel terrible looking at this blog and seeing that there are no posts at all in March. Which means I guess that there are not many people reading at the moment? You have all probably given up on me. It makes me sad because I do check the blogs, and I like a nice regularly updated blog to keep me entertained and up to date. It's just that with moving house, organising a wedding, and not having home internet, it has been a little hard. Happily I now have some spare time. Well, it's not exactly spare, but printing things takes a long time and it's the computer that has to do all the work, so I'm free to update! Yay!
And what's news? I'm getting married in two days! Which is pretty crazy. Andrew and I have been running around like mad all week, and I'm sure not everything we wanted to do will get done. Note for others, when getting married, doing everything yourself to save money may sound like a good idea, but may also drive you crazy. And therapy doesn't come cheap these days you know.
But I am excited, and looking forward to things happening, and no longer needing to be planned for, and then the day will all be over and Andrew and I will go away and not have to do anything anymore. Sadly there will still be a lot of moving house, unpacking, etc. to do when we get back. But no matter, a holiday is as good as a holiday they say.

Oh, and I'm graduating! They sent me a letter and everything. My graduation is on the 23rd of April. It's a pretty big month all round I guess. I'll be pretty lazy after this... But always willing to help people who are getting married! Yeah. Anyhow, that's kind of the stuff that's been going on at the moment. I'll have to be rushing off somewhere else soon, but hope you all enjoy your days until the next blog post. :)