Wednesday, September 19, 2007

avast! and more uni-related fun

Today be Interrrrrnational Talk Like a Pirate Day once more. Today I be dressed in a semi-piratical fashion. Arrr.
There are not many people dressed as pirates today at uni, although two pirates (one dressed very like Captain Jack Sparrow) chased each other all through Manning, which was fun to watch.
In other news, it is Union Election (or is it SRC?) time, and someone has painted 'Trogdor for Prez' on the graffiti tunnel, along with a drawing of Trogdor saying 'Burninate'. Hehehe.
So you wanted to hear the rest of my weekend adventures? Very well, but I shall be brief. On Saturday I slept in (adventurously!) and in the afternoon my little sister came over and we all went out to watch the Science Revue. The Science Revue this year had all the charmingly amateurish qualities that you might expect, and that were present at the zine fair, but somehow seemed shorter on charm. Maybe it was the lack of comic timing or maybe it was because as much as science students pay out arts students they can never be as cool. Or perhaps the evolution beats religion! theme. Or the fact that one of the leads looked so familiar but I just couldn't place him. It was still enjoyable though, and there were some very funny moments and skits and so on. I'm going to the Arts Revue this week, will have to see how it compares...
Then we ate large amounts of dinner at Ice and Slice, including spaghetti gelato for dessert, which was very exciting.
Sunday held more sleeping in and beach time, which was fun. It's been a while since I went to the beach. Sylvia went to work, Andrew came over and Andrew, Merry and I went to the beach. Merry lay on the beach 'studying' and Andrew and I went swimming! In the sea! Truly, winter is over. Actually, readers, you may have noted that this was the seconf time we went swimming in the sea on the weekend, but beachy day-time is a different thing and much more reminiscent of summer. We also got to build sand-castles.
And that was pretty much the weekend finished.
So until next time, drink up me hearties yo ho!

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  1. oh, i miss uni now! Did you have fun at the revues? and it's been ages since I went to ice and slice. I think the last time was with you guys, we had tandoori pizza... (now that was a veeery long time ago!)

    Meh, Pirate day is over-rated, I'm just hanging out for this day: