Sunday, June 22, 2008

going out in sydney town

Life does feel busy at the moment, with social engagements and plenty of shifts at work, all of which distracts me from job hunting and cleaning the house. I have written the last in case any of you come over and judge me on how messy my house is. Although I suppose a busy social life is not an excuse, you will only judge me for being terribly frivolous and bad at time management. Speaking of which I did spend most of yesterday afternoon napping, and to be perfectly honest I spend a large proportion of my time asleep.

So where does that leave us? Well now you have a short summary of my life I can now write about whatever I like. And today that is a list of some of my favourite bars in Sydney, for your edification.

I was thinking of this topic as I sat in Zeta Bar on Friday night, sipping a delicious cocktail in funky surrounds, having actually managed to grab a seat. I was also able to carry on a conversation with Andrew at the same time as the music was at just the level where it was loud enough to make you feel like you were out somewhere, while still being soft enough for conversation to be possible without shouting. I find it extremely cool, if also very expensive. Also as we approached the Hilton we saw an enormous line, and were discouraged until we asked after the Zeta Bar and were ushered straight into the lift. The line must have been for Marble Bar. But I was happy where I was. My drink recommendation is a passionfruit and almond rocks.

If you head down King St. you will find a plethora of bars, pubs and kebab shops, making this an ideal location for a night out. You can't go past Kuleto's two-for-one happy hour (twice as long on Thursday nights!) which goes from 6-7:30 Mon-Sat and also 9:30-10:30 on a Thursday. These cocktails are very tasty and good value, and the place is always packed. Their cocktail list is fairly long, from memory the Red Corvette is nice also the Toblerone? One of those choclatey-creamy-baileys-ey drinks. It has a more casual feel than Zeta Bar, which has a lot of city suited types. I should also mention Zanzibar, a bit further along King St, I have heard of it's famed roof garden but have never seen it.
Also on King St is the Coopers Arms Hotel, a pub which I have only visited once, but was so impressed that I have to mention it. We went for dinner and the food was great, on the expensive side for pub food but the quality was worth it. Nice atmosphere upstairs as well. Nice place, recommend it for a meal or a drink.

For a very expensive drink with an amazing view, the Opera Bar is good. My only visit was as part of 18th birthday celebrations, which is a while ago now but I enjoyed it at the time. I ordered a bellini, and it was good.
The Orient in the Rocks has retro music and beers and a good atmosphere, though sadly I can't remember the prices and these days it always seems too crowded for comfort.

Are there any that I'm missing? Do remind me. If I haven't been for a while I've probably forgotten it.