Wednesday, September 23, 2009

it's not every day you get a dust storm in sydney

But there was one today and it is certainly something. I woke up to orange light pouring in through the windows, which changed to yellow by the time I got out of bed. Walking along the street to the bus stop had an eerie feel, it was quiet and the air was hazy. All the cars had a thin coating of dust, like a morning frost. The streets seemed empty but the bus was packed, and made it's way into the city through the dust clouds. In the CBD the buildings vanished into the dusty distance as though into fog. There was a thick coating of dust on the concierge's station at the Hilton, a rare sight. The dust has a red tint, I wonder how far it has travelled?

Photo from SMH

Thursday, September 17, 2009

just a bunch of stuff i like

Well that poll was unhelpful, everyone voted for different fonts! So I have had to make the decision myself. I hope you're all happy now.

Recently my favourite webcomic, Scary-go-round, ended. And what's more, the guy who creates it says that he will no longer be drawing a comic featuring my favourite character, the whimsical redhead Shelley Winters. Happily though, he is drawing a new webcomic: Bad Machinery. So while this has been sad, it is also exciting to be at the start of something new. Keep an eye on it, you will not be disappointed.

Another website which I like is the Uniform Project. It's creator has pledged to wear the same dress for a year (with various accessories, mostly second-hand) to raise money for school children in India in a sustainable fashion. On the website she records the various outfits she comes up with. Check it out: it's creative, it looks good and it's for a good cause. What's not to like?

Here are some other things I like: black stockings, reading while eating chocolate, morning playlists that make you enthused for the coming day, dresses, exploration, moments that remind you of the greatness of God, coincidences, yellow umbrellas, baking and my new couch. Just a random selection.

Thursday, September 03, 2009


Dear readers,

Of my last two posts, which font do you prefer? I think the font in the last post is good, especially in italics (which I am fond of), but scanning through the previous one seems more elegant... Maybe I should just do a complete font change.

So poll, which font is nicer to read?

a) Arial
b) Courier
c) Georgia
d) Times
e) Lucida Grande
f) Trebuchet
g) Verdana

I wasn't going to give so many options, but I really don't know what font the other posts were in... And why do none of those fonts look like what I've used before? Aargh...

Oh well, put in your votes and we can end this madness.

Thanks ever so.