Friday, August 24, 2007

federal highway

Ghost trees in the headlights
just beyond
the known circle of light.
The road's a discovery
at night
even this old familiar road
fades into the vast
and fathomless dark.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

jottings in revue season

I had a thought, on the bus this morning, and I thought I would write a blog post about it, but as is so often the way I've forgotten what it was. If it comes back to me I'll let you know.

It has struck me, from the posters arund uni, that it is revue season. Some of the revues this year: R.A.S.H. (med), The Devil Drinks Lager (Engineering, typical engineers and beer), Shred (not sure, law?) etc. Might go to one if thesis permits.

Other things that are good at the moment, but that I get to experience more than revues, are cherry danishes. These are good in any season. I recommend those from a cafe on Liverpool St., at World Square. I eat them whenever I get the chance. Also playing scrabble on facebook. Is good, but that doesn't work so often on uni computers.

I am trying to write 500 words of thesis a day, which happens most days actually. I have written 450 today, but fell down a little over the weekend so should keep going once I get home. At the English Honours seminar on Friday people ended up siting around talking about remedies for procratination, or ways of making procrastination work for you. These included:
- cork-lined walls (used by Proust? Or was it James Joyce? Some writer)
- being hungover
- pretending not to be working when you actually are, so as to fool yourself
- working in front of the t.v.
So there you go, hope you find them helpful.

Another thought: I wonder if I snore when I doze off on the bus? Very much hope not.
I remember what I was going to write about: coffee and how much I love it. Maybe that can wait for another day.