Sunday, September 16, 2007

random university adventures

It has been a weekend full of random uni adventures, which has made me savour my last little while of being an arts student.
On Friday was the much hyped (by me) twilight markets and zine fair. I finished my thesis draft late on Friday afternoon, then wandered lonely as a cloud while running into random people that I know, including Theo (now doing a PhD in Italian, the envy of us honours students) and Brianna, a friend from primary school. I then caught up with Angi and we drank coke and beer in Manning Bar in a celebratory fashion. We lingered over our drinks and chatted to avoid getting to the zine fair on time. When we wandered over the 'twilight' was mostly gone and the 'dark' was very noticeable. But it was charming because of the fairy lights and other lighting around the place which lent a kind of glow to the area, as well as the stage lights set up on the bank building forecourt. A place that seemed meant to be a stage. We wandered some more, around the stalls, checking out the merchandise and running into friends of Angi and then Bec who arrived to meet us. We got free things and sausage sizzle and zines and badges. Zines, for those who don't know what they are, are short magazines filled with whatever you want. I got a comic, a photography zine, a fridge-magnet-poetry zine and a things-to-do-in-Sydney zine. All made by students. While this was going on there was music from the stage, starting with drums which were energetic and set the mood for a while and then got progressively more irritating to the eardrums. The last band was 'Cloud Control', which had my friend Heidi in it so I waited for that. Sadly people had started to pack up by then so there weren't as many around, although Andrew did arrive then after work. But the band was good, we all really enjoyed them, there were people dressed in newspaper skirts dancing (not with the band, spectators) and yeah it was nice. Good music. Check them out people. Also I saw my friend Vidette (also from primary school) and it turns out she's managing the band now. Small world.
An enjoyable evening was had by all, and it all felt very arts-student like, with poetry zines and created stuff, people in wacky clothing, and amateurish production values (the sound wasn't great, there was feedback and that sort of thing). So by the end we wanted to keep the night going. We couldn't decide what to do, so Bec went home, and Andrew and Angi and I went grocery shopping (the most fun you can have on a Friday night!) before heading back home. We decided that midnight swimming was the way to go. Now an advantage to midnight swimming is that our house is very near an ocean pool with good night lighting. A downside to midnight swimming is that it is very cold. You have to steel yourself to step into the water, and then steel yourself further to keep going. The view is wonderful though, black water vanishing into black sky with the stars so low they almost touch the ocean. We managed to walk around in the water (about chest deep) for a while, you get used to it so the temperature is ok but it's hard not to feel cold, and then we ran for our towels and for our warm house and showers. Andrew went home and everybody went to sleep, tired but happy after a long day of adventure.
More adventures Saturday, but this post looks long already, so maybe they can wait for another day...

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