Friday, December 22, 2006

the internet is...

addictive, very addictive. So, guess what I've been doing with my time? Spending alot of it on the internet is the right answer here. It's been a while since I had the time an internet access to get addicted, rather than hurrying through my mail and blogs and occasionally checking my web comics, and I am enjoying it. So here are some tidbits to share with you all.
A christmassy game! This is very cute, it has jumping bunnies and bells. The main site also has a game where you have to be santa delivering presents.
A holiday calender! Which is mean and nasty, in a fun way.
Overheard in New York, which is an old site that I posted up on spampage but just rediscovered, and the usual webcomics, some of which I have links to on this blog.
Oh, and Alex and Alan have a new blog! Which I will put up a link to as well.

Other than that, I will give a short description for Pun of some of the cooking that's been happening... Sylvia made lavender ice-cream from her mediterranean cook book which was delicious and creamy and came out looking like ice-cream, which is hard to achieve. It was strange eating simething lavender flavoured. Strangely tasty... We ate them with meringues, made by Meredith, which were sweet and soft and crunchy, the way that meringues are, and with fruit salad. They also made tons of biscuits, which were mostly to give away so I only ate them in the mixture stage, and four Christmas puddings (2 big, 2 small) and a Chistmas cake. I think that the best time to eat Christmas cake/pudding is when you have mixed the fruit into the cake mix but before you add the flour. Mmmmm.... But of course pudding is also great when covered in lashings of Brandy sauce and cream. Hmmm, making myself hungry now...