Thursday, September 27, 2007

things to see and do in sydney

- pass by Taylor Square on Oxford St.. There is usually at least one person asleep. True story. If you pass by early enough there will probably be people still lined up to get into clubs. I'm never up that early though...
- count couples in Hyde Park.
- in October or November walk around Darling Harbour and over the bridge, with an eye out for school formals. Then drink a cocktail and ride the monorail all the way around.
- sit on the Opera House forecourt and discuss life with a couple of good friends.
- watch sunrise over the beach. Best time for this is New Years. I recommend Maroubra.
- travel into the city over the Anzac Bridge on a Friday or Saturday night. Travel times may vary, so I recommend taking some good music with you.
- have dinner in Newtown and then browse second-hand bookshops. Follow with drinks at, say Zanzibar. Then dance around the square next door.
- fall asleep in the Botanical Gardens, then wake up and explore, pretending that you've just been transported to another world.
- walk up from China Town to the QVB without walking along George St, and check out the shops you find along the way.
- eat 'brunch' at 1pm on a Saturday in a cafe on Glebe Point Road and watch people go by. Good accessories to this activity are a friend and/or a book.
- go to Glebe markets. 'nuff said.
- take the train across the harbour bridge, and back again, just for the view.
- walk around Callan park in a leisurely manner. Ok, you can do the Bay Run if you want to. Check out the old mental asylum (now the SCA) while you're there, spooky but interesting.
- watch storms gathering from the cliffs near Coogee on a summer afternoon, stay for the first fat drops of rain, then run screaming for the car.

that's enough for today, but there's plenty more to be done...

Monday, September 24, 2007

another revue reviewed

On Friday night, regardless of thesis, I actually organised to go and see the arts revue with a bunch of arts student friends of mine. Yes, arts is the best faculty, why do you ask?
We met at Newtown and had Thai, then made it to the theatre just on time after some almost-power-walking down King St. I realise that I may have wronged the science revue, I did enjoy it and found much of it very funny. That said, the Arts Revue was immensely superior. Not just because I'm biased. Sure, the data projector didn't work, and so who knows what we missed out on? But the Arts Revue was run by Arts students after all, and therefore technology malfunctions are only to be expected. But the acting was superior I think, it just had a more polished feel to it, which made the humour more evident more easily. I'm going to steal some of Caitlyn's comments on this, as they were particularly apt, plus she has inside knowledge as someone involved with the science revue. There was less of a reliance on punch-lines as the situations and the characters were well drawn and so implicitly funny in themselves. It was not a perfect revue, there were the aforementioned technical problems, and some of the skits did fall a little flat. I felt it started to lag toward the end, but then Spencer said he felt the second half was superior to the first. Reactions were somewhat mixed, but I think the general consensus was that it was a good night's entertainment. And this is my blog, so I can promulgate my opinion freely, and I say that I enjoyed it greatly. To return to Caitlyn, she remarked that the Arts Revue was more cliquey than the Science. An interesting point. It probably led to the more polished feel of the Arts acting, but also to the exclusion of many who would have liked to be involved. I didn't want to be involved, I hate acting, so this did not effect me and I heartily enjoyed it, as I think I have said before. Thumbs up from me.

At the conclusion of the revue we were joined by Andrew, and Winnie, Charlie and Shanaka left us (not because of Andrew, but because we were all indecisive as to what to do next). We ended up outside Ice and Slice, where we heard that Mike Whitney (of 'Who Dares Wins' and 'Sydney Weekender' fame (apparently he was also a cricketer. Who knew?)) was singing with a cover band in the Marlborough. Word on the street you know. Well, such an assertion had to be investigated, so we trooped over to the Marly and confirmed that, yes, indeed he was. I have photos if you don't believe me. They played soft rock, a bit of Maroon 5, then 'Semi-charmed Life', some 'Hey Jealousy' and other such classics. This was also the site of the official Arts Revue after-party, so we went and checked that out for about, ooh, two minutes. Ran into someone we knew, chatted (over loud dance music) then retreated back to Mike Whitney, covers, and the couple shouting the 'Sydney Weekender' theme music over and over. Random fun. Spencer then left us, and Bec, Sam, Andrew and I repaired to a gelato shop for some much needed gelato before making our separate ways home.
A very pleasant start to the weekend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

avast! and more uni-related fun

Today be Interrrrrnational Talk Like a Pirate Day once more. Today I be dressed in a semi-piratical fashion. Arrr.
There are not many people dressed as pirates today at uni, although two pirates (one dressed very like Captain Jack Sparrow) chased each other all through Manning, which was fun to watch.
In other news, it is Union Election (or is it SRC?) time, and someone has painted 'Trogdor for Prez' on the graffiti tunnel, along with a drawing of Trogdor saying 'Burninate'. Hehehe.
So you wanted to hear the rest of my weekend adventures? Very well, but I shall be brief. On Saturday I slept in (adventurously!) and in the afternoon my little sister came over and we all went out to watch the Science Revue. The Science Revue this year had all the charmingly amateurish qualities that you might expect, and that were present at the zine fair, but somehow seemed shorter on charm. Maybe it was the lack of comic timing or maybe it was because as much as science students pay out arts students they can never be as cool. Or perhaps the evolution beats religion! theme. Or the fact that one of the leads looked so familiar but I just couldn't place him. It was still enjoyable though, and there were some very funny moments and skits and so on. I'm going to the Arts Revue this week, will have to see how it compares...
Then we ate large amounts of dinner at Ice and Slice, including spaghetti gelato for dessert, which was very exciting.
Sunday held more sleeping in and beach time, which was fun. It's been a while since I went to the beach. Sylvia went to work, Andrew came over and Andrew, Merry and I went to the beach. Merry lay on the beach 'studying' and Andrew and I went swimming! In the sea! Truly, winter is over. Actually, readers, you may have noted that this was the seconf time we went swimming in the sea on the weekend, but beachy day-time is a different thing and much more reminiscent of summer. We also got to build sand-castles.
And that was pretty much the weekend finished.
So until next time, drink up me hearties yo ho!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

random university adventures

It has been a weekend full of random uni adventures, which has made me savour my last little while of being an arts student.
On Friday was the much hyped (by me) twilight markets and zine fair. I finished my thesis draft late on Friday afternoon, then wandered lonely as a cloud while running into random people that I know, including Theo (now doing a PhD in Italian, the envy of us honours students) and Brianna, a friend from primary school. I then caught up with Angi and we drank coke and beer in Manning Bar in a celebratory fashion. We lingered over our drinks and chatted to avoid getting to the zine fair on time. When we wandered over the 'twilight' was mostly gone and the 'dark' was very noticeable. But it was charming because of the fairy lights and other lighting around the place which lent a kind of glow to the area, as well as the stage lights set up on the bank building forecourt. A place that seemed meant to be a stage. We wandered some more, around the stalls, checking out the merchandise and running into friends of Angi and then Bec who arrived to meet us. We got free things and sausage sizzle and zines and badges. Zines, for those who don't know what they are, are short magazines filled with whatever you want. I got a comic, a photography zine, a fridge-magnet-poetry zine and a things-to-do-in-Sydney zine. All made by students. While this was going on there was music from the stage, starting with drums which were energetic and set the mood for a while and then got progressively more irritating to the eardrums. The last band was 'Cloud Control', which had my friend Heidi in it so I waited for that. Sadly people had started to pack up by then so there weren't as many around, although Andrew did arrive then after work. But the band was good, we all really enjoyed them, there were people dressed in newspaper skirts dancing (not with the band, spectators) and yeah it was nice. Good music. Check them out people. Also I saw my friend Vidette (also from primary school) and it turns out she's managing the band now. Small world.
An enjoyable evening was had by all, and it all felt very arts-student like, with poetry zines and created stuff, people in wacky clothing, and amateurish production values (the sound wasn't great, there was feedback and that sort of thing). So by the end we wanted to keep the night going. We couldn't decide what to do, so Bec went home, and Andrew and Angi and I went grocery shopping (the most fun you can have on a Friday night!) before heading back home. We decided that midnight swimming was the way to go. Now an advantage to midnight swimming is that our house is very near an ocean pool with good night lighting. A downside to midnight swimming is that it is very cold. You have to steel yourself to step into the water, and then steel yourself further to keep going. The view is wonderful though, black water vanishing into black sky with the stars so low they almost touch the ocean. We managed to walk around in the water (about chest deep) for a while, you get used to it so the temperature is ok but it's hard not to feel cold, and then we ran for our towels and for our warm house and showers. Andrew went home and everybody went to sleep, tired but happy after a long day of adventure.
More adventures Saturday, but this post looks long already, so maybe they can wait for another day...