Friday, October 16, 2009

of blogs and books

Lately I've been looking at lots of blogs, and thinking about the different things I could do with mine... a cooking blog! A fashion blog (THAT was a moment of madness, I can't count the ways in which that is a bad idea)! etc. But I find myself drawn back to my original proposition, a blog which is a patchwork of my life and thoughts, with a focus on reviews. Particularly book reviews. Not that I set out with a mission statement, that's just the way I think of it. But lately I have had nothing but substandard book experiences, and even they have been few and far between:
  • The latest book I read was 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' by Stieg Larsson. I had such a visceral reaction to it that I don't think I can say anything meaningful about it. I keep looking for feminist justifications to dislike it (hey, here's one, all the female characters are either raped, sleep with the main character, or both. Does that count?) but when it comes down to it I just found the events described to be deeply awful. Definitely not one for the squeamish...
  • Before that I read the Sally Lockhart series by Phillip Pullman. Much more enjoyable, but after the first book something niggled at me, hard to put a finger on. Was it pushing the boundaries of historical credibility? Was the characterisation a little thin? I don't know what it was that bugged me about it, and that bugged me even more. The first and last books were my favourite though, the in-betweens not so much.
  • And before that 'I Capture the Castle' by Dodie Smith. I actually really liked this one. It made me cry. But I wasn't too sure about the ending for some reason.
You see how incoherent my opinions about these were? And now I am bookless altogether! So someone please recommend me something, preferably that I will like, and definitely that I can review for you. Once again, I make no promises on this (particularly since the voting process on this blog never seems to come up with any answers, but also because I wish to avoid a repeat of the Dragon Tattoo horror, at least for a little while) but I would like to hear from y'all.

Friday, October 02, 2009

where's cat?

Spot me in this photo!

Taken at a free Powderfinger gig in Martin Place. What an awesome way to spend a lunch break! Made me smile after a long week...