Monday, May 21, 2007

short shorts

I have 6 minutes left to write a blog post, since somehow I got a computer which gives half as much internet time as the rest. I would have changed, but there was such a long line I just wanted any computer I could get. After this I am heading up to level 9 of the library because apparently they are still giving free books away. Which is very exciting, though they've been doing it for a while so there may be nothing good left. That wouldn't bother me too much as I already got Sweet's Anglo-Saxon Reader and another book on Old English the title of which has slipped my mind, courtesy of Sam and Bec. Thanks guys!
Maybe I'll come back afterwards and write more...
I like the library, despite the long computer queues, there's a sense of accomplishment in mastering the finding of things, especially when you talk to scientific people who come into contact with Fisher so rarely that their minds boggle when they do. Hehe.
Anyhoo, sadly, that's my time for now...


  1. I'm boggled even by the engo library, and that's only one floor!

  2. :p why did Dewey make his decimal system so complicated? Yay for feeling advantaged as an arts student!