Monday, May 28, 2007

pirates, wizards and plenty of sleep

Well, it's been a fairly busy weekend, but overall a fun one. Friday I went ice-skating (in the morning! i had to wake up!), for the first time in years, and managed to skate around without holding on to the edge all the time, which felt like an achievement. Did not do so well at trying to teach others to skate, but started learning to skate backwards, which was exciting. Then Friday evening I went to watch 'Tales From Earthsea', which turned out to be an odd experience. It wasn't a bad movie, although the plot had many holes in it, but I was distracted from this by trying to match the movie to the books. Obviously there were elements of Tehanu in there, but I think this was blended with The Farthest Shore, and also bits that were unique to the movie itself. I found it hard to distinguish though since it's been so long since I read those books, my memory of what goes where is vague (apart from The Tombs of Atuan, which is pretty distinctive). I'd seen Pirates of the Caribbean the day before, which was a very fun experience, the cinema was packed, the atmosphere was good, the movie was rollickingly enjoyable, is a little lacking compared to the previous two.

Saturday involved waking up in the morning once again (although not as early as Friday) to get picked up by the parents and to go to a wedding. Sylvia and I were not the only ones getting picked up, and getting to the wedding involved a two hour trip in the Saturday traffic. Weddings are generally good, I often worry that I will cry at them and thus be open to ridicule but thankfully have not done so yet. The reception was at a golf club and was very pretty, with jazz and finger food and so on. Then a frantic trip across town to get to Vivian's 21st. Ang picked me up at Broadway and I got changed there, and then we managed to get lost with the help of mis-remembering locations and mis-direction from some who will remain nameless (Alicia) . But we did arrive eventually and a good time was had by all, twas nice to catch up with people, and to see everyone dressed in purple. By the end of this day both Ang and I were about ready to fall asleep in the car home, but luckily neither one of us did and we got some precious sleep.

Sunday was an allotted study day, so instead I spent much of my time reading a very interesting book about sleep and dreams (my dreams being often of the most bizarre) and interrupting Ang to say things like "Did you know that sloths spend 20 hours of their day asleep?" (She did know that). So not much productive was done before I had to head off for church. On return from church we had some very delicious bolognese, it was very exciting indeed.


  1. *sighs* I wish my life was exciting. Tonight we're having belachan okra and Hainanese chicken, mmmm...
    I went over to Phil's today and made chicken soup/stew. Josh and I thought it wasn't chilli hot, but Phil did. Hehehehe. Honestly, one bird's eye chilli in a huge stockpot can't have that much an effect. Surely??

  2. mmm.... sounds exciting :) tonight i am working, which is not so exciting :( stupid work...

  3. Anonymous31/5/07 22:34

    ...and she went home tired but happy after a very enjoyable day at the...

    was piracy really like that, with magical sea goddesses and all? was it all true?