Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Summer creeps up in flat midnights.

All around buildings lie heaped in tatters
Across the street a silent singer,
Moonshine and tree rattle.

The lonely groaning of ibises in rain

Bus driver on phone
Cackles privately

Sweat drips down the backs of knees
To tickle our ankles

I know it now, that some men kill to save and to destroy

Fine filigree twigs against the liquid sky,
Brittle being in the immutable immortal.

Beauty is truth, truth beauty.
Imagination is sublime.

So I don’t need you.
Just stay here
A minute more
I’m better off alone
But stay
A little longer-
In a minute I’ll be fine.

The forgetful splendour of lazy afternoons

Lovers lie rumpled on the grass
Courting pigeons
Red flowers in bloom
A tree’s bare branches against the bright blue sky

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