Wednesday, May 17, 2006

email and t.v.

I've been feeling kinda sick lately, all flu-y and the like, so have been unable to think of anything to post...
Anyone with hotmail and the 'Windows LiveMail' beta? It's currently getting on my nerves a bit, because they promised that there would be mesage viewing windows on the side of the screen, and either there aren't or mine's not working, and, worst of all, there is no button for to jump from message to message, I have to go back to my inbox every time to open the next email. Drives me crazy! Also I think they could have made it easier to give feedback, I mean, it's a beta, that means feedback is good, right? But I did manage to do that today, so that's o.k. Oh well, it has good features, if they iron out the problems I'm sure it will be good.

I've been watching a alot of 'Buffy' lately. Mostly season 2. That was a good season, unmarred by Faith (not so bad, but I didn't like her much), Riley (more irritating, I kept thinking she should still be with Angel) or Dawn (so annoying! I couldn't stand her! until some time around season 7 when she was ok.). It struck me how much the characters from 'Buffy' and 'The O.C.' have in common. I mean, obviously 'Buffy' is best, but Seth has a certain similarity to Xander, and Summer to Cordelia. Not to mention that as Xander and Cordelia went out, so do Seth and Summer. Although admittedly Xander and Cordelia's relationship was alot more twisted than Seth and Summer's. You could go on and see a parrallel between Angel and Ryan (brooding, going out with main character, dark pasts) and Buffy and Marissa (kinda screwed up, but looking after people much of the time). Again, the Buffy-Marissa link is not strong. But Dawn and Caitlyn are both younger sisters who turn up in later seasons with serious family issues. Anyone else seeing some similarities? But O.C. has rather less supernatural themes...
What else have I to say but post other people, post! I need new posts to validate my blog-checking. Nyeh.


  1. I think you've watched too much OC. Because Buffy is so much better, go the Buffy/Spike ship!! Kheeheehee!

    Put up a personal ad on my blog then ;) I'd love to read yours ;) ;)

  2. buffy is much better, i never disputed that. but maybe the oc has been stealing ideas...

  3. I'm chasing a Cat! Only... I know she's still online...

  4. mwahaha! am now :p