Thursday, May 25, 2006

clouds of words

My 'word cloud'. They seem to be all the rage lately. For your own, go to: I think mine is pretty cool. I also like the way that my name turned up in everybody's. I'm so cool!

Also I won an argument at work the other day. Pretty cool no? First I have to say that there are quite alot of Indian guys who work with me. Secondly that we were listening to one of their ipods, and I was flicking through the songs and I recognised 'Chunari Chunari', so I put it on. And to show off my knowledge remarked that it came from the movie Monsoon Wedding. Instantly I had three Indian guys all arguing that this was a lie. Which was confusing, but I knew it was from that movie (I have seen it many times). One of them kept saying that all Indian movie songs might sound kind of the same, but this song was definitely not in Monsoon Wedding. BUT I WON! Cos in the end one of the guys conceeded that it was in the movie, in the scene where they are rehearsing the dance for the wedding. And I was happy. And they all offered to lend me Bollywood films. So I was happy.

In other news, I slept in today. Not news, you might say. You sleep in a lot, you might add. True, very true. But today was somewhat epic. Imagine my surprise at waking up, rolling over and seeing that it was 3:30 in the afternoon! I don't know that I've ever slept that late. I started work at 5pm, so it didn't give me that much time to get ready. It would be very embarrasing to turn up late for a 5pm start saying "sorry, I slept in".


  1. Hehehehe, yea Chunari, Chunari is used a bit. Coooooool you can borrow Bollywood films for free, I wanna watch too! :D

    Yes 1530 seems a tad late, only really justifiable if you got home really early, like 0900, or you had an early flight.

  2. Now I have Chunari, Chunari in my head *goes to find Monsoon Wedding soundtrack*

  3. I love Monsoon Wedding, well at least the first half of it, cos I never finished it!!! aargh! :(

    am still wondering what happens in the end. travesty!

    yay for Cat knowing more about Indian songs than your (Indian) coworkers!

  4. I'll lend it to you! Seriously, you should see the end. It's great!
    Oh, and I now have Bollywood DVDs (some apparently without subtitles), which I think I'll watch on Saturday night *winks at Pun*

  5. Oooh Oooh Oooh! *jumps up and down clapping*