Friday, June 04, 2010

you gotta love this city for its body and not its brains

Having just had a few crazy weeks of assignment writing, conference preparation at work and general hectic-ness, I'm now ready to write another blog post! Woo!  I mentioned a while ago I was interested in writing a blog post about why I love Sydney, and Ronni recently posted a link to a blog project photographing the suburbs of Sydney, which inspired me to do something about it. Incidentally, that blog posted a link to the Dictionary of Sydney, which looks like an interesting place for information on all things related to Sydney.

I can't cover all of Sydney in one blog post, I just can't. And my photos are no match for those in 52 suburbs. But here are some things I love:

- Festivals in Summer! When the whole city comes into one space and the streets are full of people instead of cars and everything is free.

- The coffee! It looks great, it tastes great... It means we have heaps and heaps of little cafes. Everyone I know who travels overseas misses it oh so much.

- More festivals- the way that we get these little bits of organised whimsy...

- As well as the unofficial whimsy, of course. The type of thing that inspires people to knit stockings for street signs.

- The left-behind bits of industry, whether they be converted to new uses or left to fall down gradually...

- The sea and storm clouds are so good together, and it's hard to dislike the Manly ferry.

- Even some of the cemeteries have a view... I think cemeteries are beautiful in any case.

- The skyline... Let's face it, even people who diss Sydney think it's beautiful.

There's so much more to love: the range of cultures, foods, graffiti, buildings.... I think that this a subject I could just keep returning to again and again. I'll leave you with one of my favourite Sydney photos from near where I live: 


  1. Oh, this is such a beautiful post! I'm so glad you wrote it. I, too, love Sydney, and your lovely photo-essay articulates a lot of the reasons why.

    (I particularly miss the cafes!)

  2. Great post! Wonderful photos.

  3. Thanks guys!

    The cafes are one of my favourite things too :)

  4. Ihave nothing to add but I agree that this post is great and your photos are fantastic!