Tuesday, June 15, 2010

extracts from my notebook 3

"He asked her to marry him. She giggled, "okay!" Perhaps before realising that he was serious, or that he truly loves her"
- BJE May's engagement story

"Some people die, just dreaming of the outside world"
- Cuban resident on imprisoned defectors, from Frankie

"Love is made of differences and suffering and apartness, and of the struggle to overcome this apartness."
- Anais Nin, 'The All-Seeing' from Under a Glass Bell

The lampshade is torn
it lets the light spill out
pure and sharp.

"You'll be right there beside me when I do it."
"Don't do it for me"
- Overheard, a couple in a dark alley

"You've seen my show more times than I've performed it
You may not think I'm splendid anymore"
- Pat singing song by his friend Andre

"We dream more, change our minds more often and are in love with the little possibilities available to us."
"Do I identify with Gen Y? Yeah I do! Because I am a fan of it on facebook."
- From Katie Vogel, 'Y', ArtXpress work 2010


  1. Your notebooks always seem to be filled with things that are so interesting and marvellously worthwhile. My grocery lists and I are envious.

  2. It's just that I edit out the grocery lists, recipes and rules to poker when I select extracts for my blog :p