Monday, August 10, 2009


I had millions of ideas to share with you all on the bus ride home, but once I got here they all went out of my mind completely.

But why is it that my bus always leaves exactly as I reach the bus stop. No matter when I start running, or where the bus is when I begin, or how fast I sprint ('sprint' for a given value of 'wearing work shoes') the moment I can reach out and touch the doors is the moment that they close, and the bus drives off, not heeding my waving arms and exclamations?

On another note, I have often spent time defending Gen Y against the various slights made on them, but maybe there is something in this attention span, instant gratification thing. I say this because I notice myself checking facebook compulsively for new updates, but worse still getting annoyed when there haven't been any new posters put up on the traffic light post near my bus stop for over a week. Where are the new things? I already know I can get beginner piano lessons, I need more news!



  1. Well I would post more, but my MIL is on there. So it all has to be censored. By the way, I deleted my blog. How are you girlie?

  2. I noticed your blog was gone :( I guess I should get rid of the link then.

    I'm good! Not much happening... went to Canberra on the weekend, going to see Avenue Q this week (very exciting!) Andrew is sick. What are you up to? We should do something, if you have any free time, I hear there is agood Turkish restaurant/bar in Balmain, and since we may never make it to Istanbul...

  3. Oooh sounds yummy, and cheap. Hmmm... only if my husband doesn't find out I'm overspending. Sigh, theis budget thing is crap. I used to lurve spending money going out and eating. Now I have a man on my shoulder looking at me with the "You know better" look. Sighs.

    I'm still waiting for the rest of the Good Living section to load up.

    BTW I'm thinking of putting up a small food blog. Opinion?

  4. That sounds awesome! I'd totally read it :)