Friday, January 25, 2008


I just got a phone call. Not all that puzzling you might say? But you would be wrong. Firstly, it was a phone call to my home phone number in the middle of the day. Secondly, I was already on the phone to Andrew at the time. Now, sad to say, I very rarely get phone calls from people other than Andrew, and everyone seems to call my mobile anyway, particularly in the middle of the day when I might reasonably be expected to be out and about. So I expected telemarketers or a wrong number.

What I got was a lack of response when I said hello, and then an elderly voice saying "yes?". I had answered the phone, and at that unhelpful response gave my name, so that they could determine whether it was a wrong number. If I could remember word for word the conversation that followed I would write it down, but all I can remember is my growing conviction that this old lady was waiting for me to give my reason for calling her. She sounded quite confused. I asked her who she wanted to talk to, and who she was, repeatedly, but she seemed baffled by this line of questioning. At one point she said she couldn't hear me. So I'm not sure if she heard none of what I was saying, or whether she was suffering from dementia, or what was going on. Eventually I managed to communicate:
"Who is this?"
"Mrs May"
"Who would you like to speak to?"
"Don't worry love, it doesn't matter"
Pause for me to be confused in, then I said
"I think you have the wrong number"
and was left with the beep of the telephone line.


  1. How bizarre! That's one of those thingd which is deeply odd when it happens to you and which never seems really impressive to people when you tell them, though, I fear.

  2. Sounds like one of those old ladies with the beginning of dementia, when they call you accidently and they don't remember whether they just called someone or someone just called them.
    That's what we're gonna be like.

  3. You. I'll probably get eaten by a shark before then. :P

  4. LOL, you guys are so funny...Angi, I couldn't have put it better myself...not that your post was unimpressive, Catie, but yes...I can imagine it would have made your day interesting!

    Sounds like one of my customers, the wife always has to tell the husband to follow her otherwise he won't know where he is rather sad when you think about it, to think you could marry someone and die without them knowing who you are...=(

    And Leach, please don't get turned into a shark's food....I'm sure you could feed a lot more than one.