Sunday, January 20, 2008

is it ironic?

So writing a post about fear of death and how I wasn't generally scared, and what happens to me but I get into an accident. Worst car crash I've ever been in, but no-one was hurt apart from the cars.
What happened was, Andrew was driving me home to Maroubra, and then this car came through an intersection, we just saw the lights and Andrew braked then it hit us on the side and we spun round, not really knowing where we'd end up. We ended up halfway up on the kerb, facing almost the way we'd come, with the car door smashed in and the rear wheel out of place. We both got out the passenger door. Then it was just a two hour or so wait until the police arrived, they were tied up with a bigger crash in which someone was trapped. So we were lucky, and only scared, but I'm still not sure how much fear of death generally affects me.


  1. Thank God you guys are in one piece! No injuries, no nothing? Well so much for trying to sell the car then.

  2. No injuries, nothing but mild shock. I was shaking so much when we got out of the car...
    We're hoping the car is written off, then insurance will pay for it and it's as good as selling the car. If it gets fixed the car's just devalued and we still have to try to sell it :(