Wednesday, April 19, 2006

reviews in the key of sleepiness

Well, what a sucky day it's been. At work, with horrible managers and making mistakes throughout. But now I look forward to it improving, as I'm about to head over to visit Sophie and Nagisa for dinner. Yay! As for reviews...

The Deans Watch by Elizabeth Goudge. I really liked this book, it is very nice. Which sounds like damning it with faint praise, when that's not what I mean at all. The characters are not always nice, but they are generally believable, and they all have some good in them. It restores your faith in humanity. It also really emphasised to me the love of God, that is huge and everywhere, and what being Christian is really about. It restores your faith in God. Now, if you are not a Christian, I don't know whether you'll like this book, because the writer obviously is, and the book is suffused by it. Maybe this would annoy you. But it really shouldn't, because it is a beautiful little book. Written in 1960, set in the late 19th century, it is very much a period novel. Cosy in places, moving throughout, I recommend it and I know that this review fails to do it any sort of justice. I just know that I was walking around while reading it seeing love everywhere, which made me happy and I think this is definitely a good thing.

number9dream by David Mitchell. This is completely different to the last book. It is full of flights of fancy, interrupted by violence, interrupted by introspection and flashbacks. It had a really likeable main character and some awesome style. Very modern. Or post-modern. Full of stories and characters and plots. And very, very well-written. You should read it. It filled me with more of a sense of paranoia than of love, but all the same it was worth it for the journey. A book that makes you want to read more books.

I don't know what else to say, I've left it a bit long to write these reviews and it has, as I previously mentioned, been a bad/long day. So I know the reviews are crap, but the books are written much better, so read them anyway. :) And I had to write them, because I was sick of having the last blog post floating around at the top. It's had its turn.


  1. Anymore book reading since Canberra?

    How's Full House going?


  2. Not very far so far, I've been kinda busy lately I guess, so haven't been watching full house :( may watch some more this arvo though, once i've hung out my washing and all...

    i read 'if on a winter's night a traveller' since canberra. post-modern, about books, well written again... yeah i'd say its good. now I have to get to the library again and borrow something new :) maybe cloud atlas... i'm too lazy to go to the library...

  3. i can't seem to post a new blog post! oh no!