Saturday, April 29, 2006

my review

Of 'About the Looking for and Finding of Love', which is also reviewed on Pun's blog.

It was funny because it was so over the top, it used cliches and the characters were kind of real, but not altogether sympathetic. But I dunno, German humour is really weird, or else I can't really get into things with unsympathetic characters. So it was bizarre, good, but not likely to become one of my favourites. I think for most of the first half it seemed lacking in, I dunno, sincerity? The mix of tragic and comic seemed somehow off to me, they weren't blended in the way that can be sublime. It was sad at the end though... I liked the bits that were sad best. The others I was unsure of. It made me doubt love. You know, there are all these grand tragic love stories, or ones with happy endings, and there is this romantic ideal of love, but in reality all you see are these relationships, full of bickering and stupidity and overall mundanity. Love seems to be like angst, if you are in it it is big and serious and elating or depressing, but other people don't take it seriously. Or something. The movie was like that... In that it didn't take anything seriously. So I was left with a feeling of artificiality, in the emotions and the breasts that wereoccasionally flashed around on screen. Nothing appeared real, or with any depth. You'd think there would be depth in going to the underworld to bring back your dead lover. But overall it made me think of the falseness and mundanity of love, at least of their love. So there you go.

Still, a fun night was had by all, what with Japanese dinners and meeting German movie goers and running into someone from EU (briefly but unexpectedly) and lots and lots of chocolate. And chatting. Which is always good.


  1. Yes German humour is... different. ;) Yea, the characters and plot are so cheesy, you can't form sympathy for the characters. But I do think they did that on purpose because in the beginning, the narrator was saying somehting along the lines of "The girl walked away so quickly, the man could only assume it was the love of his life running away." Also "So hence, he followed her as quickly as he could on his pair of crutches".
    And it shows the reality of love, love isn't always happy, golden, elves dancing, rainbows and lollipops. It hurts and when you build a relationship with someone, you bring out the worst and best in each other.

  2. I know they did it on purpose, I just think it had varying results... And I get that love isn't always happy and golden, I just kinda... wish it was :(
    And I wasn't convinced that their relationship was worth going to the underworld to save.
    Oh, someone at church tonight (who I didn't recognise) asked me how the movie was on Friday night. It took me a second to recollect that I actually had seen a movie on friday night, remained disconcerted that she had recognised me and so on. Weird, huh?

  3. They were trying to build a friendship ;) And oooh they saw you but they didn't say hi at the cinemas *tsk tsk* ;)