Thursday, February 23, 2006

features! [edit]

Look, I made a feature spot! I don't think it will always be a feature artist, I was just really liking the photos. Do check them out. Here's a sample for you. Or would be if the photo thingy wasn't so slow. Oh well, look them up anyhow. Here it is! I got it! This photo is by hotburrito2, who was my feature artist.

Other than that... I saw Brokeback Mountain today. It was real sad. Warning, there may be minor spoilers in the next paragraph, I don't know what I want to say yet.
There was so much sadness in the movie, it left me with a feeling of melancholy. Which was not that bad, but I find it never pays to let these feelings linger. Anyway, I just came out of it thinking that I (and everybody else) am doomed. Because of love. As Vivian pointed out, love is pain, and so the songwriters and movie makers tell us as well. In the moments of happiness it caused me a pang of loneliness, in the moments of sadness I reflected that love always seems to bring pain with it. There was deception and neglect and all those other things that people do to each other, even without malice. It just seemed to me that whichever way you look at it, we are all doomed to be miserable. There just seemed to be no hope in relationships at all. This was an effect of the film, I'm sure that it will fade, it was just so sad...
Beautifully made though. Reminded me of the little I've read of Annie Proulx before, with a wonderful sense of place, down to earth and very human characters and very damaged lives. Similar in a way to Tim Winton, but done in a different way. A different style but a similar approach, and different countries. I think I want to read the short story now. Anyway very interesting film, beautifully shot and pervasively melancholy. It did make me a little moody though... Hey, what better way to spend the last of your teenage days than moody though? Maybe I should go off and write bad poetry...


  1. Melancholic haiku are easiest:

    The movie was sad
    Always we are all alone
    Love is never pure.

    mmmm.... wanky...

    Actually, at present, I feel more like these sorts of haiku;

    Pre-reqs too many:
    Subjects seem beyond my grasp
    Enrolling: too Hard!

  2. Darnit, I wanna watch Brokeback Mountain, but now it sounds too depressing. :( Perhaps dvd then.

    *adds to list of must-dvd-hire movies*
    - Brokeback Mountain
    - Mrs. Henderson Presents
    - Wallace & Gromit - Curse of the Were-Rabbit

  3. i wanna see wallace and gromit too! i didn't get to see it at the movies... :( mrs henderson presents is good.

    hehe, ang, having trouble enrolling? doesn't this happen every semester? :p
    oh, and i think i solved the problem of the key... but i'm not telling you so :P