Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last night Ang and I were watching a Studio Ghibli movie set in WWII Japan, in which the ghosts of two children looked back at their lives. Very sad, and a little spooky. About half-way through, all the lights went out, the t.v.turned off and generally there was a blackout. Looking out the window, you could see that almost the whole suburb was dark. There were a few lights away off on the other side of the city-west link on the left, but apart from that there were none to be seen anywhere, apart from a glow in the sky from the city lights.
We lit candles, and I thought it would be a good idea to go for a walk to see the suburb without lights and how far the blackout had gone. I walked out the front door holding a candle, into the windy night, and held it up in the wind to blow it out. But it kept burning, because of the structure of the candle, and it looked eerie- a glowing candle in the monochromatic street.
So Ang and I walked around the block, but hurried back because of the whining noise of the telephone lines and the wild thrashing of the trees. The electricity still wasn't on when we got back, I think it got reconnected at around 4am.
But that was a spooky evening...


  1. It was spookier than it sounds, honest.

  2. sounded like fun. Yea, we've got that Miyazaki film, my bro and I tried to watch it before, but it was much too dark, as in dark story not dark lighting. So we turned it off and watched the bouncing animal one - P something I think.

    Ooooh, candles and wind, and spooky spooky nights. ;)

  3. dark is right, i was almost in tears. soo depressing!
    put me in the right mood for job-hunting today


  4. I know eh! Stupid people who don't care, stupid farmer - just let him have the one plant.... arrghh!!! :(