Thursday, September 26, 2013

books to look forward to

At the moment, I seem to be aiming for around one blog post a month on here. Poor sadly neglected blog! I have been reading as many books as ever, but haven't really felt inspired to write about any of them. So instead, here are some books I'm looking forward to reading:

A Brief History of Montmaray - Michelle Cooper
A girl and her family living on the small (and crumbling) island of Montmaray find their eccentric way of life interrupted by the onset of WWII. This has been compared to I Capture the Castle, and, while I'm sure it can't live up to that standard, it does sound very appealing! The weather is getting pretty hot right now, and I'm getting pretty tired, so this sounds like just the thing. My hold has just come in at the library, so I get to read it soon!

Burial Rites - Hannah Kent
Based on the story of the last Icelandic woman  sentenced to death by beheading, this book is set during her last days, staying with a remote Icelandic family. This has been getting a lot of buzz, so much that I thought it had been on some prize lists but it seems like it hasn't? In any case it's a book to inspire envy- the author is Australian, one year older than me, and she's managed to write this AND co-found a well known literary journal (Kill Your Darlings). What have I been doing with my life again? But really what caught my attention is the Icelandic setting, and the interesting premise. This is a book that sounds likely to inject some cold into this summery weather. I've just borrowed it, and looking forward to reading it soon.

Untold - Sarah Rees Brennan
I read the first book in this series, Unspoken, earlier this year and really really enjoyed it. A kind of Gothic young adult fantasy about a girl who has had a telepathic connection all her life with a boy she'd never met. Add in a mystery, some romance and a group of friends it was really just my cup of tea. The next book in the series is apparently out in September, but is it out yet? I'm not sure, but I am excited.

The Glass God - Kate Griffin
The second in the Magicals Anonymous series, about a group of magical misfits led by Sharon the shaman, who must band together to save the city. Kate Griffin is one of my favourite urban fantasy authors, I really liked her Matthew Swift books. This series feels a little different, and I'm still deciding how much I like it. I thought that the magic system in the first books was reminiscent of Terry Pratchett (though I don't think he's the only one to have used that concept), and this new series seems to be a big lean towards the Pratchett-ian. The sense of humour, the band of misfits, the magic system... That's not a bad thing, but it feels a little strange to me. Still, I love her work and I'm interested to see where she takes this. I didn't even realise this was out until I tried to search for a book of short stories she has a story in, which is apparently out soon.

Broken Homes - Ben Aaronovitch
The latest in Ben Aaronovitch's urban fantasy/mystery series featuring PC Grant, apprentice wizard. It's a fun, light read, with humour and magic etc. I do feel it is a bit patchy in places though, and I didn't really like the introduction to the long-running, through-plot in book number 2, so I tend to approach new additions to the series with a bit of trepidation. The main character has been described as an 'everyman', but sometimes he just comes across as a bit dumb. Not always, though, and the third book was definitely enjoyable, so I have hopes that this series will just keep getting better. Apparently this came out last month and I didn't even realise!

So there you go, some books I'm looking forward to reading. I tend to only anticipate books that are part of a series, I don't have a very good radar for what new books are coming out. It impresses me that some people are really across it, so tell me, what am I missing? Do you keep an eye out for upcoming new releases, and if so, how do you find them? I love a bit of book anticipation.

Edited to add: I've just found out there's a new Phryne Fisher out in October! Murder and Mendelssohn by Kerry Greenwood. Couldn't leave that one out! Not to mention Hyperbole and a Half  by Allie Brosh.

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