Tuesday, December 04, 2012

lists of books

Lists seem to be an ever-popular feature of the book world, from Awards shortlists to lists of books read through the year (yep, both of those have appeared on my blog). There are an infinite variety of lists to choose from, such as lists that tell you a bit about a person (like Simon at Stuck-in-a-book's 'My Life in Books' series) or books are about topics (like this Christmas-gift version at Booksellers NZ), but the most controversial are the 'Best-of' lists. Some people hate the idea of imposing a ranking on books, some people like to use them as a jumping off post for thinking about their own favourites (see Book Snob's take on Stylists list of must read's) and sometimes they are just good for inspiring reading choices (or Christmas shopping). So for your enjoyment, I found a list of all the best of lists of the year (i.e. I think someone posted it on Twitter but I forget who):

Largehearted Boy's 'Online 'Best of 2012' book lists

One of the lists that I enjoyed is Nancy Pearl's Picks for the Omnivorous Reader.

Do you love or hate 'best of' lists, or are you somewhere in the middle?


  1. I love lists! I always enjoy making my end of year list, although this year's was rather easier to make than normal - usually I agonise over the final few places. Now I'm off to look at these lists... thanks!

    1. I really enjoy all the end of year lists. Hope you enjoy these, I'm amazed at how many are out there!