Thursday, December 01, 2011

blogging in december

Ah, December. The month of end-of-year lists, wrap ups and frantic Christmas shopping. And of course looking forward to next year. So in the end-of-year spirit I am looking to post several year wrap-ups, including a final post on my reading round the world challenge and my yearly booklist post. But to start off, plans for next year! Which is perhaps a back-to-front way of doing things...

This year my blog has been sorely languishing, and while I can't guarantee that I will be more diligent in posting next year, I do have some plans to pep it up a bit. Over the holidays I am hoping to do a bit of a template re-jig, weed out some of my older posts and just generally make things a bit more presentable. So changes ahoy!

My other plan for next year is to take part in Simon at Stuck-in-a-Books A Century of Books challenge.
The original challenge calls for reading a book from every year of the 20th century, but since I know that I get through far fewer than 100 books in a year, and I want to allow myself a lot of freedom in my reading choices, I will just be reading a book from each decade of the 20th Century. The plan is to read, and blog about, a book from a decade each month, starting in the 1900s. Hopefully there will be more blog posts than that, but I'm hoping this will get me writing. Plus it sounds like a lot of fun! Now to decide which 1900s book to read... Suggestions welcome!


  1. Lovely that you're joining in! I doubt I'll manage all 100 myself; 10 sounds a better idea ;) BUT I am going to give it a go. The 1900s are a decade I don't know much about myself, but I did manage to scrape together a good book I'd read for every year of the 20th century - - as you can see, I had to go for lots of children's books at the beginning of the century! But the Elizabeth von Arnim is wonderful.

  2. Thanks! I've had a look at your list- should be very helpful next year! I just recently read Elizabeth von Arnim's The Pastor's Wife and enjoyed it, so I might take a look at The Caravaners. If the library has it!