Monday, May 02, 2011

comfort reads

Well it is certainly a woeful year for blogging for me. But it is a hectic year for uni, work and apparently everything else. Heading into panic mode. So at the moment not much is getting done, and all my books are comfort reads. Books to read when your brain is all worn out at the end of the day. If I look at my current reading list, I think it pretty much sums up all my comfort-read categories:

1. Agatha Christie
Maybe that should be 'murder mysteries', but there are few things as comforting as Agatha Christie. I'm currently reading 'Lord Edgeware Dies', which has Poirot, dead actresses and suspects galore. Agatha Christie has written so many books I don't think I've read them all, the only problem is that it can be hard to sort out the ones I have read from the ones I haven't. Pretty sure this is a new one though.

2. Anything with a really strong plot
Fast-paced books, preferably full of action, wake you up at the end of those 10 hour days. I just finished 'The Neon Court' by Kate Griffin (which I was always going to read, but came at the right time), which managed the series' usual trick of dropping you right in the action and making you read quickly through to the end so you could figure out what was going on. Maybe not a true 'comfort' book as such, but lots of fun.

3. Young Adult (YA)
Not all YA, but there is something soothing about a good one of these. I went to the library and just browsed the YA section, looking for a Diana Wynne Jones or Margeret Mahy or something with romance. What I got was 'Chiggers' by Hope Larsson, a graphic novel (nice to the sore brain) about friendship at summer camp. Just the ticket.

4. Rereading something old and familiar
Preferably a children's book or YA that you have a lot of fondness for. Like a warm bath. Combines nostalgia and reading and a book you know from the start will be a good one. Not actually rereading anything at the moment, but now I have a sudden desire to read some Narnia. Next on the to be read list?

There you go, that's pretty much what I'll be doing for the next month- working like crazy and reading some comfort reads whenever I get the chance.


  1. Anonymous3/5/11 11:47

    "YA"? My tired brain can't make sense of that acronym, and it's still only 7.30 in the morning.

  2. Young Adult, ie. books targeted at teenagers. I'll edit the post, it will be clearer.

  3. Anonymous10/5/11 00:51

    I just found a new sci fi author - Paulo Bacigalupi - who I enjoyed. His book "The Windup Girl" (windup as in clockwork) kept me going for longer than an airport lounge wait. I may try whatever else he has out there. especially as "T W G" was his maiden effort. I have to say, sci fi authors have to try harder to keep me pleased these days.

  4. Oh I've heard about that one, sounds intriguing.

    Yes it gets hard to read in one genre for a while I think, I stopped reading fantasy as much for a while myself, but I've found some good ones lately.