Thursday, March 31, 2011

bookish birthday

I know I have been doing very poorly at keeping up my goal of blogging more frequently this year, and am only now putting up pictures from my birthday earlier this month, while it is still the same month. Hope you enjoy them anyway!

This year I turned 25, and for my birthday Andrew made me a spectacular chocolate mud cake type cake. It was very secretive and time-consuming, but I think he did an amazing job.

The view from above.

It looks so cozy, I would like to sit in that armchair by that fire and read those books.

As it is, I nibbled on the armchair and ate those books (they are made of white chocolate + food dye + flavouring).

There's me, turning 25 with cake, candles, bookshelf and friends (not pictured, but I swear they were there). After this we headed to the Berkelouw Books wine bar for some food and wine and book-browsing.

For my birthday I got a lot of book vouchers (appropriately enough) among other things, so I spent Sunday book shopping and came back with a bunch of new books. All read now :( But there's some new books coming out in April I'm pretty excited about.

Now March is ending, I hope I get to blog about some more books soon.

Anjali Joseph, Saraswati Park; Pablo Neruda, The Captain's Verses; Shirley Jackson, We Have Always Lived in the Castle


  1. Anonymous2/5/11 11:41

    no blogs at all for April? how can your readership cope?

  2. I'm sorry! It must be terrible for you. I've put up a new one now, does that help?

  3. Anonymous3/5/11 11:45

    something to read in my retreat in the Himalayas!