Saturday, October 30, 2010


Last weekend two of my friends had babies! Two! One boy and one girl. I haven't met them yet but I have seen photos and I can report that they are both extremely cute. Also from all accounts both friends + their babies are healthy, which is even more important. So very exciting times. During this week another friend managed to get in a car accident- rolling her car right over on a wet road. But she emerged unscathed through the back window. And most importantly, her gelato was safe. Which is good to hear. This weekend another friend is moving house. So much news, and thankfully all good. What a week! My life seems unexciting by comparison. Though I did get a haircut (it's very short!), get my marks back from my last assignments (passed with pretty good marks) and manage to buy a bunch of new books. That is eventful enough for me!

Edited to add picture of new haircut (coincidentally I am also dressed as a flapper for Halloween in this photo)


  1. A short haircut! now that is exciting. Just how short??

    And yes I do think the girl baby is v. cute, but then again I'm biased :)

  2. It's a bob! I could have gone shorter, but the hairdresser was all like 'how's this length?' and I freaked out. I was thinking of adding a picture to this post but I haven't gotten around to taking one.

    Your photos are gorgeous! Well done on having such a cute baby girl :) Hope all is going well!

  3. Heh. Poor boring Catie. The most exciting thing you've done recently is buy new books/get a haircut.
    Not that I'm one to talk, since I've done less.

  4. and you don't even mention that your Dad was chasing camels around the deserts of Arabia. I'm miffed.

    A short haircut! I'm sorry. What more is there to say?

  5. Jeremy: Aren't you doing your creative writing course? That's exciting.

    Dad: Well I had only a vague idea of what you were doing. Though I am impressed you had phone reception in a Bedouin camp. Anyway, people know now :p

  6. Anonymous2/11/10 20:38

    Ha! Laurence of Fadden, that's me.
    Good marks in the assignments is good, and at least as comment worthy.