Thursday, September 16, 2010

fragments, playing with words

Pictures of light
The shadows form a lattice on the wall
The wall that glows in afternoon light
Light which picks out the many-coloured bricks
Bricks that stand so tall against a fearless sky
Sky of a bright and everlasting blue
Blue that will nonetheless fade...
Fade like the shadows on the wall.

Not quite a poem?

A girl and a boy walked over the bridge
and the air around them glowed
while the wind whipped past a lonely bus-stop.

a fraction of the whole:

fine filigree twigs against a liquid sky,
brittle being in the immutable immortal.


  1. Anonymous28/9/10 11:57

    thought you might be amused by this:

    It's not poetry, but it is witty.


  2. Looks fun! + silly