Friday, February 19, 2010

thinking happy thoughts

Sometimes the whole internet, nay the world eve, seems designed to make me annoyed. I don't think I'm the only one who has had days like that, nor is it new, there is a reason I stopped watching/reading the news! Don't know why I started again...

Anyway, this post is not designed to make people angry at the world, this is a post for all things nice and smile-worthy, this is a post... for LINKS!

While I have known of this comic for a while, I just started reading Hark! A Vagrant in a concentrated way and I am enjoying it. Comics! About history! What's not to like? She has historical figure heroes, and so do I. My favourite is Alfred the Great. Man, he was great.

I just bought the Florence and the Machine album, 'Lungs', and I am loving it so far! It just won the British Album award at the Brit awards (so much more deserving than Lady Gaga, oh my).
Here's a link to 'Dog Days are Over' on YouTube, one of my favourites on the album. Makes me happy.

And it is a terrible oversight that I have not linked to Spencer's blog, which is now updated Thursdays, because I am loving the poetry and short stories. Here is one to give you a taste:

By Spencer Harding

I was a monster once;
Awful and magnificent,
sleek, soulless and
You broke me upon the wheel of your heart,
cracking and straining,
until we fractured together;
I, muted, frail,
You, singing as the wind whistled through your cracks.
For a while we were beautiful;
but then you shattered,
and I, alone, am growing once more,
into my skin;
more awesome, and more terrible
than ever before.


  1. And here I was I thinking that I was the only one who thought that was a really awesome poem.

  2. I LOVE Hark! A Vagrant. My favourite comic of hers is the one about the Brontë sisters.

  3. With Respect to X: I like that poem because it is one of the rare ones without a punch-line (I like the punchlines too, but that makes this one interesting to me).

    Ronni: Yes! I saw that comic posted up on someone's wall (physical wall, not facebook wall) and loved it. I'm sad that I have come to the end of the archives now.