Wednesday, December 02, 2009


" Mr Abbott said he would work to bring the party together because it's easier to manage a party when they oppose rather than negotiate with the government.
"The best way to unite a political party is to really go after your opponents, which is what I intend to do," he told the Nine Network today."
-Tony Abbott in the SMH

This is the kind of attitude I hate in politics, obstructionist for the sake of it and refusing to co-operate to get anything done. A bad sign for the future?


  1. Anonymous3/12/09 11:18

    the good side of it is that with a bit of luck they will bring down a double dissolution election. The Labout Party would win such an election brought down on climate change issues. We will then have a joint sitting which will pass an ETS. If Rudd and his cabinet are really smart, they will not put the original legislation (are they bound to put it unaltered? i don't know.) but will put up a version which is not so weak and pathetic as the current version. Then we will all be winners.

  2. This seems to be a distinct possibility, and what a large section of the population are hoping for! :)