Thursday, September 03, 2009


Dear readers,

Of my last two posts, which font do you prefer? I think the font in the last post is good, especially in italics (which I am fond of), but scanning through the previous one seems more elegant... Maybe I should just do a complete font change.

So poll, which font is nicer to read?

a) Arial
b) Courier
c) Georgia
d) Times
e) Lucida Grande
f) Trebuchet
g) Verdana

I wasn't going to give so many options, but I really don't know what font the other posts were in... And why do none of those fonts look like what I've used before? Aargh...

Oh well, put in your votes and we can end this madness.

Thanks ever so.


  1. Anonymous3/9/09 23:31

    I prefer Times New Roman myself. But I can be persuaded.

  2. I've always used Arial, but that's coz it's easier on my eyes.

    hey, any details about Ponyo yet?

  3. Anonymous14/9/09 19:03

    I've just read that people think that things written in plainer (easier to read) fonts are more intelligent. I'll stick with wingdings myself.

  4. The most recent post, yes.

    Georgia, maybe?