Thursday, March 12, 2009

just when i thought that the randomness had gone...

I was reading an article today about posters which have been popping up on lampposts in Melbourne and entertaining the local populace by saying things like:
"I like doing stuff but I always end up doing the same stuff again and again. I'd like to meet up with people who like doing stuff, preferably different stuff to my stuff..."
And signing it 'Craig'
Some think it was an ad for a classifieds website.

But it turns out there was (already?) someone in New York doing the same thing and signing off 'Chris'. You can find out about it here:
These people believe that the originals were a spoof of the website.

Anyway it's pretty random and the website made me smile, so I felt I should share it. I saw an unusual poster on the corner of Enmore Rd and Stanmore Rd last night, but didn't get a chance to get a proper look. I all can really say is that it was up pretty high, and I think it involved the word "throbbing". More later... Perhaps.


  1. Yeah, I saw that story too and thought the posters were awesome...

    In light of your comments on Spencer's facebook, you now have another reader.

  2. Anonymous22/3/09 21:55

    the sort of thing we miss out in the country...