Saturday, May 10, 2008

new post and honeymoon stories

Well, it's been a while since I wrote a new blog posts, sorry to y'all. I know this happens periodically, usually when I don't have internet at home. As is the case at the moment. Since it's been so long, I'm not sure what to write about. I could write about the wedding, but most of you were there, and those who weren't have probably already read about it. I think that that any description I could write would be inadequate, since I was in something of a daze at the time. So perhaps it would be better to write about the honeymoon, since none of you were there and I haven't even had the chance to say much about it. Just mentioning a few moments, since it was pretty long for one blog post...

After the wedding we stayed at the Sheraton on the Park, and spent a day in Sydney buying a new hairbrush, taking the lift to the top floor of the Sheraton and admiring the view all the way to the harbour and visiting the Australian Museum (good old skeleton room). Not to mention the buffet breakfast, which was awesome, and we enjoyed thanks to the wonders of daylight saving.

Then we headed up to Blackheath in the Blue Mountains. We stayed in an awesome studio apartment which was tiny but had absolutely everything and was just lovely. Blue Mountains highlights included having a delicious pie at the Blackheath pub, and then playing pool while the local darts club competed. We also tasted possibly the best sausage roll ever made, after a crazy car trip down wet and windy mountain roads into Megalong valley. Andrew lamented the fact that he didn't have his car, but enjoyed the sausage roll. I had a couple of delicious homemade scones with jam and cream. Everybody had an enjoyable afternoon. We also went on a walk from Evans Lookout to Govett's Leap, through beautiful scenery ranging from dry forests to swamps, past waterfalls, along a cliff edge. I discovered how unfit I really am, pausing many times on the uphill climbs to admire the view and gasp for breath.
The Blue Mountains was also the location of our most disappointing restaurant experience, at the Post Office Cafe in Leura. It was the cheaper option for a meal in Leura, although still more than we usually pay for a meal. The service was, admittedly, good, but that was about it. The music was a strange mix of Three Tenors and electronic music, played almost too softly to hear. The walls were yellow and the light fittings were crooked. It was the meals that really pushed the experience over the line. They cost $20-$30, we rated them as worth about $10. Pre-cooked vegetables, ordinary meat. I even had a piece of cooked lamb, possibly left over from lunch, on my plate of chicken. So an anti-recommendation for this place. The ice-cream sundae was good though, with an impressive piece of toffee in the top.

Well that was a bit long, I might leave Melbourne for another time, hopefully sooner...


  1. 'everybody had an ejoyable afternoon'

    how many people did you take with you on your honeymoon?

  2. Anonymous15/5/08 23:06

    welcome back. I wondered when we would hear from you.
    nothing quite like a honeymoon, whether the meals are bad or not.

  3. Yeah that walk from Evan's Lookout to Govett's Leap is a killer, I did it when I was about seven and it nearly killed me. We did it again on a high school trip and even then I was amazed at how long it took.