Wednesday, February 27, 2008

new house

I had a very eventful weekend, I moved house. Well, not completely, there's stuff still to be packed and moved but I'm living in Stanmore now. Unfortunately this house does not have internet access as yet, and since my laptop has been broken for some time I'm not sure when internet access will be forthcoming, so no regular internet access for me. :(
So this blog will likely be even more neglected...
But it's kinda exciting anyway, and I also got to see Merry and watch Juno (which I recommend, by the way! Also liked the soundtrack).
Hi everybody by the way! Also I have been shopping for wedding shoes and I find that my feet are too big and practically nothing fits them. Stupid feet.


  1. Wah for shoes, but check your postbox!

    I figured you'd probably have moved in by now! Are you going to have a house warming birthday? People can sit on boxes and use boxes as tables and eat off paper plates...

  2. Juno is a very good film, *nodding* I didn't expect the amount of swearing, but I liked the film alot.

    Wheeee for moving in, now now you two, keep your hands off each other til 5th of April please.

  3. You could try Panache in the Dymocks Building (near QVB). I got mine there today (size 8) and the ladies were super helpful.

    Oh, and happy birthday!!

  4. Thanks Trees!
    I did go there in the end actually, so I have shoes and my dress is now being altered. :) Yay!

  5. Eeep Happy Birthday lady!
    Remind me to buy a Long Island Iced Tea for you ;)