Friday, December 21, 2007

christmas is coming

Yes, it is only days away from Christmas Day, and no, I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, but to get into the Christmas spirit I'd like to write a post about flat Christmas, which happened a few days ago, a celebration of Christmas for the inhabitants of my flat, and Andrew. On Saturday, to be exact. We had stockings, made by Ang (beautifully made) and filled by each other with various stocking like fillers, such as chocolate money and parachute men. There was Christmas dinner and presents from all. It was a little hard to finish Christmas dinner (roast chicken and vegetables) after all the chocolate but it was delicious enough that we succeeded. Oh, and I got a new hat! Like my old one that was tragically lost, but also different. And a bag! And earrings and chocolate and lollies.
I think by far the highlight of the day for me was the bubble blowing. We got champagne bubbles in our stockings, and proceeded to spend much of the afternoon blowing bubbles off the balcony at passers by. Which got some great reactions, particularly from the undercover policeman who sounded his siren (briefly) at us in a show of Christmas (or bubble-blowing) spirit. We were all leaning off the balcony wearing hats and blowing bubble, so I suppose we looked fairly Christmassy. Twas a great way to spend the afternoon.
And then to Carols in Vic Park for Carols and fireworks and candles, all fun things, and home again to light up a Christmas pudding.
And now to wait for the real Christmas (and finish the Christmas shopping).


  1. Is flat Christmas what they have on the flat Earth? I have just been having an email exchange with somebody a bit flat earthish from the "Citizens Electoral Councils" Who knows how they got my email. Amusing in a depressing sort of way. They are convinced that global warming is a scam cooked up by who knows... Wicked scientists? Evil politicians (the ones actually in power I guess)

    Anyway, if you have any bubbles to spare for flat earthers of that sort, I heartily recommend blowing them.

  2. In my opinion, Flat Christmas was superior even to Real Christmas, which didn't have a hope of being as much fun.