Wednesday, October 10, 2007

events and stories

I finished my thesis last week, and since then have been relaxing, and finding myself strangely uninspired to write a blog post. There're usually most blog posts in times of essay writing and procrastination.
So what have I been doing instead in the (almost) week since I've handed in my thesis? Well, I went straight to the pub (or Manning Bar) and spent an afternoon there with other honours students, reflecting on how good it felt to be finished. Then off to Bible study.
I had uni, I worked (3 shifts since Wednesday), read a very trashy book and started another much less trashy (Crime and Punishment, going to take me a bit longer to finish). I've read a bridal magazine, and started wedding planning. Kind of. I watched 'Beowulf and Grendel' and 'Star Knight'- two very, very bad movies. 'Beowulf and Grendel' is completely different to the poem, 'loosely based' would be the way to describe it. They introduce a completely new character, who has dubious motivation. It tries to convey some sort of message, which would never be allowed into the poem Beowulf, while not being coherently or convincingly portrayed itself. Not to mention that it confuses the Anglo-Saxons with the Scandinavians. Star Knight was just all around bad, a love story with no chemistry, a ridiculously awful script and bad dubbing. You just had to laugh. For instance, the storyline: an alien being in a kingdom in Medieval Spain falls in love with the princess of the kingdom, who also falls in love with him. He cannot speak but somehow is able to communicate with the princess. Ridiculous just about covers it.

Sunday was my 5 year high school reunion. Interesting, and very strange to see those people who I haven't seen for 5 years all in one year, married, engaged, with kids, working, doing PhDs or just studying... I don't know, just a strange experience. Ang and I got the time wrong and so were late, but still had time to see people. I had a glass of champagne on little food and regretted it, but it was fun all the same. Monday was one of the work shifts and today nothing much happened except that I had an assessment for my business course (doing it through work) that I really hadn't studied for. I'm sure it was all ok...

On another note, I've probably said this before, but isn't it fascinating to have such a wealth of stories in the world as we do. From the large scale to the small, the tragedies and trivialities that are found everywhere. There are such terrible things happening in the world, always it seems. Sometimes you have to focus on the little stories to see the hope and the good in life. Not that little stories can't be tragic.


  1. Oooo....people in our year have kids?

    Yay for finishing thesis! :)

  2. Congrats Cat!!!

    *waves flag*

    Now waiting for Leach, then I can organise Yum Cha :D

  3. Yay Yum Cha! Would be nice to catch up, feel like I've been living under a rock mostly... Well at least that this thesis hasn't enabled me to see people as much as I'd like. People! Yay!