Wednesday, July 25, 2007

what else but harry potter

I know I didn't write a poston Monday, but that's just because I was at work and didn't have internet access. I may change my blog-updating day this semester, will just have to see what my roster is like at work. Work, what a depressing thought. And I should be doing uni work right now of course, but just found out that I don't have the information on my USB that I thought I had, so am finding it hard to motivate myserlf to do anything else. Maybe I should do some reading for my Utopian Dreamings course instead, that has to be done too, right? Stupid thesis *grumbles*

In other reading related news, the latest Harry Potter book is out! Doubtless you all know this, due perhaps to the enormous amount of hype and publicity, or the fact that I've had the release date posted up on my sidebar for a while, or whatever reason. Nonetheless, an exciting event that cannot go by without being remarked upon. I read it over the weekend, finished it on Sunday afternoon. I was keen to read it fairly early because there are spoilers around, and careless people who might discuss it in public, and people who might try to spoil it for those around them deliberately and I like to read my books without them being spoiled in advance. Didn't entirely succeed this year, but enjoyed reading it nonetheless. Good book I thought, took my a while to get into it but then was hard to put down and easy to keep reading. The ending was ok, I think she did what she had to do. And will not talk about it anymore because it's such a big thing for some and it can be hard not to give spoilers... Although I suppose by now all die hard fans have finished it already.

All in all it was a good weekend, I went out to dinner with various people, I got to dance and read alot of Harry Potter, catch up with people, go to church... Yeah, a fun time basically. And I saw Merry, Sylvia and I took her out to dinner on Friday night and she stayed over until Saturday. We got her a copy of Harry Potter too, despite her avowed hatred of it. I went out to dinner in Newtown both nights and am always surprised at the number of shops open late into the evening- where else do you find bookshops that are open until 10:30 or so on a Saturday night? There's probably somewhere, but I don't know where.

Anyway, I think I have to go now because I've spent too much time on the internet and I can feel my writing skills deteriorate... See I was tempted to write "skillz" for a moment there, not healthy...

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  1. Yeah, I enjoyed it, I think it was the best book yet. I liked how she tied in all this stuff from other books... :D