Monday, April 16, 2007

hot fuzz

I saw 'Hot Fuzz' on Saturday night. I had heard good things, so I was expecting it to be enjoyable, but I was wrong. It wasn't merely enjoyable, it was really really great! Now that I've spoilt that un-hyped experience for you all (all of you that are still reading my blog) I guess I should elaborate a bit. It was hilarious, all of us laughed alot. It just got more and more surreal and over the top. But also very violent in surprisingly gruesome ways. It's about a highly talented, highly urban cop who gets transferred to a small country village (village of the year in fact) and is initially rather bored and out of place, until sinister things start happening. At which point he is still out of place, as the idea of 'sinister' seems to be completely alien to the village dwellers minds. Oh, and it's by the makers of 'Shaun of the Dead', which was also pretty good. Basically my main point is that you should all go out and watch this movie, because you will most likely enjoy it, though the squeamish should be warned to look away from the screen at certain moments.

In other news, the queues for library computers are quite long. Spending time in the library over the holidays was bliss, as everything was half-empty, but it left me unprepared for the enormous queues today, which drove me to a convenient computer lab. Also I entered the Women's Resources Centre for (I think) the first time today. Not particularly exciting, apart from the tea and coffee facilities. I was hoping for a microwave... :(


  1. Mmmm good movie yes *nodsnods*

    Soorry so sleepy, would type more but about to fall asleep in chair.

  2. go to sleep! oh wait, you probably have since then. hope your sleep was good, and go get some more! :p

  3. Yea, I fell asleep in the chair eventually. Woke up at 1905 and had to rush a shower and head to church. Got there late... meh meh meh.