Friday, September 15, 2006


What a creepy series of comics these do be. (Or graphic novels, whatever you prefer) I think that Neil Gaiman has a very twisted mind. But intriguing at the same time. I mean, he writes some good stories, particularly in comic book form. I think most of his novels seem a little unfinished somehow when you read them. Or the ones I've read anyway. There are some really great ideas though. 'Neverwhere' had a great premise, for example, based in a subterranean world below London, half real but mostly fantastical, populated by the disspossed and the forgotten of the past, present and myth. But I felt dissatisfied with it in the end. Ultimately it didn't feel whole, as though he'd left bits out, and I don't know how well he communicated the setting. As for the story, it was confusing, and I don't remember it all that well now, which must tell you something, right? I only read it at the end of last year. Not that my memory for details is very good...
but my point is that Gaiman's form of grotesque works wonderfully in comic book form, though maybe not for the faint of heart or stomach Sandman is some good fantasy. Works the real, the mythological and the completely made up and fanciful nicely together. I am only up to book 5 though, so I haven't actually finished them yet.
I do always wonder though, what goes in in Neil Gaiman's head all the time. Why does he write this stuff? Fascinating, but bizarre...

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