Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Now I want to say something that may stir up controversy but probably won't, knowing the readership of this blog, the general irrelevance to anything whatsoever and the fact that it is clearly and blatantly just my opinion against a world which is against me. But I want it to be known that I think that Chaucer is greater than Shakespeare. Yes indeedy. He wrote with wit and great characterization, he wrote huge amounts of stuff, and unlike Shakespeare his works are actually interesting to read all these years on, EVEN THOUGH Middle English is even harder to understand than Shakespeare. Not that Shakespeare is not good, but I think he's overhyped. Shakespeare is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, given the choice between Hamlet and being easily able to make a slice of toast I will go with the toast any day. Not a problem with Chaucer, whio although admired is alot less overhyped, although I may be going some way to tipping the balance here I think that in the scheme of things there's a big gap there.

So at the upcoming elections, do the right thing and VOTE 1 CHAUCER!


  1. The greatest thing since sliced bread is the Bakers' Delight Cheesymite scroll.

  2. I prefer cinammon scrolls... mmm... I got the last one from Tra Baci today. Yes! Victory is/was mine!

  3. personally cat, i take that personally, but personally i think the beowulf-poet is grand... on a very personal level.