Monday, June 12, 2006

world cup!

As those of you who have not been living under rocks will realise, the Football World Cup is on again. Started on Friday. And I have been hanging around whining because of my lack of SBS reception. Well today I caved and bought a digital set top box, the only problem being that the decent cheap ones were all sold out (apparently) because of the World Cup, and I felt I could only justify buying a dodgy cheap one. Which, alas, turned out to be incapable of picking up SBS. I'll have to return it tomorrow. Anyway, my hopes were all dashed, and were dashed even further when someone at church said that if I had no SBS reception at all (which I don't) a digital box won't fix the problem. I'm not sure if it's true, but if so then it is very, very sad.
On the plus side, I managed to see most of the Serbia and Montenegro vs. Netherlands match tonight, by dint of being out with a group of people from church. It was in an RSL club, there were many tv screens, and some people were telling others about the racing, and someone was raving about Federa in the tennis, and basically it was very distracting. But enjoyable nonetheless. Not sure what to say about it, because while watching it became clear to me that my football knowledge (such as it is) is rather rusty. Netherlands deserved their win, they had more possession I believe and more coherence, but Serbia and Montenegro certainly fought it pretty hard. Ended up 1-0.
Tomorrow (or today technically, I guess) is Australia vs. Japan, which is bound to be exciting, no matter what the game is like, because we're in it. Sadly I'm finishing work at 10:30, so will have to rush madly to get to my friends' house in Randwick by 11 for the game. I looked up the timetables, and I can make it to the bus stop near their house at exactly 11 (assuming the bus is on time), so am pysched up. Stupid work has rostered me for 10 the next morning, which will make life interesting.


  1. OMG!!! 3-1!! OMG! We won 3-1!!

  2. Yay! a very close thing, that game...

    oh, and Cat... are you one of the people who call soccer 'football'?!

  3. That´s the official name for it Trees!

  4. it is technically correct, and football seems to describe soccer more effectively than it describes rugby. but i do call soccer soccer, from force of habit mostly, even though i know it's wrong... :(